Born and raised in Milan I’ve been always fascinated by movies and somehow, at the age of 12, I decided to work in the TV and Film industry. In the same year, at a presence of my professor I said: “I want to be a camera operator” probably without really knowing the meaning of the word.
I graduated as "Tecnico della cinematografia e della televisione" (Technician of TV and Movie Industry) in 1985 at the ITSOS school, Milano.

My passion for nature and wildlife convinced me to move toward documentaries and to work with production companies producing documentaries. Filming wildlife and tribes in very remote areas of the earth has been an incredible school for my profession and for myself. The patient for details, the attention for the right light and framing and the passion for what I was doing has been an outstanding experience. Wildlife doesn’t give you a second chance, you need to imagine how the scene and the framing will be without any rehearsal, it’s really an incredible school.

Thanks to my job I travelled in many countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Iceland, USA, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, Ecuador, Congo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Philippine, all over Europe and Australia, and of course I still traveling.

September 11th 2001 has been a strong shift in my career. All of a sudden wildlife wasn’t any longer interesting, and all the attentions were drifted to different subjects. Fortunately, my passion for lights, framing, aesthetic, drove me to a new dimension of my work and I naturally moved into commercials, fiction, Indies, tv shows.

After positively participated at the workshop “feature film lighting” in Maine (US) teached by Michael Goi (ASC) I start worked as cinematographer in several projects.
Fell in love for Asia I decided to move to Singapore from 2010 till 2014 working for Asian production companies.

On 2016 the movie "Sidetracked" where I worked as cinematographer and camera operator won the Best Features Fiction category at the 12 Month Film Festival in Romania and awarded with the Van Gogh Award: "Grand Jury Prize" at The 7th Amsterdam Film Festival.

The documentary shot in Mali about “L’iniziazione” won an award for best documentary cinematography in 2001.

As cinematographer "Light of passion" is my first feature film, shot in 2008 entirely in Milan.
The film “Skin/out” won the AIFF prize of Barcelona on 2022 as the Best experimental movie
With "Alessi, Daily Stories" and Anna Pitscheider as director we won the award as the "best corporate" 2005.

The film corporate "Ferrero" where I've worked as cinematographer, won the prize as the "best Italian corporate 2016.

I’ve been choose as a trainer for Sony Digital cameras, when not filming, I use my time to teach at the Mohole school in Milano with the subject “direzione della fotografia”.

I’m a member of the AIC (autori italiani cinematografia) - IMAGO, Digital Cinema Society, SMPTE

Andrea Turri